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It is obvious to most farmers, at least those raised in Australia, that Kelpies and Heelers have been developed for this big country to take any variation in climate, terrain or livestock, and as working dogs of great intelligence.

But what about as a companion dog - as man's (or woman's) best friend? Or as a family pet? We are conviced that no better breeds exist on the planet!

So please consider the following:-

1. Buy Australian - we are urged - a part of our national heritage - Australian Kelpie, or Australian Cattledog (Heeler), two of Australias four national breeds now recognised over the world as purebreds! Pure Australians! Good Looking Australians!

2. Bred for brains, for adaptability!

3. Bred for stamina, durability and toughness! Sensible shape and structure, without oddities, built to perform physically and mentally, with great endurance!

4. Bred for easy-care, low-maintenance, minimal moulting coat, not prone to grass seed problems, yet able to withstand extremes of temperatures.

5.Medium-sized, so medium-cost feeding, also not too big for a car or motorbike!

6. Bred for loyalty and devotion to owner(s) instinctivly. Equal to any breed in giving and receiving affection and love!

7. Bred for a strong sense of  territory and desire to protect owners and their property, making them an excellent potential as watchdogs - and as security dogs, the heeler is equal in potential to any breed!

8. The final reason: Because Choose Your Pup Australia (formerly Callington Kelpies and Heelers), will supply the best pups with written guarantees and priced fairly!

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