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From December 2005, CYPA's clients' pups have all been served by Petcover's insurance .

For your new pup, CYPA will arrange for Petcover's free instant 6 weeks cover. Details of your pup's Free Petcover insurance cover for 6 weeks will be >>

Petcover's Free, during the 1st Six weeks, covers up to $3,000 total for vet costs.
For injury this cover starts immediately. For illness, starts 72 hours from receiving your pup.
Plus immediate insurance cover to the purchase price, up to $1,500 maximum for the loss of your pup due to death of pup or to the loss of your pup due to straying or to theft : plus additional cover up to another $400 for advertising and for reward.

After Your Pup's Free Petcover Insurance Cover ? What To Do Next ?
To help you with this : For you to continue on from Petcover's 6 weeks free insurance cover, towards the end of Petcover's 6 weeks free insurance cover period; you will receive more information direct from Petcover by mail, email, phone or SMS Messages to inform you of the details of their three available superior paid dog insurance covers : their benefits & costs .
Suggestion : See the heading to this page. Study Petcover's benefits. Google the dog insurance topic on-line. Study and compare other pet insurance companies and their benefits.

Consider: Dog insurance cover will help you to pay for those non-standard veterinary fees, and other costs, which may be quite large - even huge - to help you to pay for those unexpected events - providing you with constant financial coverage for expensive vet costs. All of these costs may be covered very well - illnesses or injuries or worse; also to cover theft, straying , accidental death and for costs of being sued in a court case which may occur due to your public liability. This information will need to be thoroughly explained to you.

To consider continuing with pet insurance with one of the three paid versions of Petcover Insurance Cover.

Before the 6 weeks ends : Petcover will offer you the following incentive.

  • Insurance cover for your pet's full life span,
  • beyond the normal 8 years age restriction :
  • the insurance cover may be extended
  • for the entire life span of your pup.

Suggestion : that you extend to a paid version of Petcover dog insurance cover, from the end of the 6 weeks free cover. Study Petcover's web site again. Talk direct to Petcover on 1300 738 225 during EST business hours, Monday to Friday. Say that your pup is on a free 6 weeks cover : the Petcover ID numbers are on your receipt. Discuss any aspect of Petcover's excellent three paid pet insurance covers.

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