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Heeler Testimonials

Aria is going very well. Her coat has lightened but her tail is still quite dark all looks good though. Very active and inquisitive.

Max - South Australia

Well the first 5 weeks have just flown by and Oscar has settled in as if he was born here. Rusty and Oscar are never more than a metre apart and the two dogs inseparable, and if Oscar cannot find Rusty, he starts to cry. Just before his 5 month birthday, he has now learned how bark and jump up onto our bed, which is quite high. He has taken to our grandchildren with no problems at all.

Over the Australia Day weekend, we went to Adelaide and stayed with one of our sons and we took the dogs to the beach and they both had a great time, Today Oscar has shown more heeler traits and when he heard the door open in the carport, he did his usual couple of barks and then for the very first time, he started to growl.

Stephen & Fiona - South Australia

Just wanted to give you an up-date on our blue heeler, Duke.

He is doing wonderfully and is much loved. He gets along great with our daughter and kitty. He is putting on plenty of weight and growing fast.

Thank you again.

Adam and Emily - South Australia

Would like to let you know that Sapphire is settling in very well. She travelled well the thousand kms on the way back home.

We all adore her, she is part of the family already. Thanks again for the beautiful puppy!

Lynise & Jason - South Australia

Just a quick note to let you know that Sally has settled in well. She seems happy and is quickly learning our routines. She is responding to commands and walks well on the lead.

We are really pleased with her progress. Good with other dogs and the kids. When she's worn out she likes to lay on her cushion by the fire.

Thanks very much

Vicki and John - South Australia

Just a run up on how Georgie is doing doing really well you're a very good judge of character in dogs she's a lovely dog when the carers put me to bed to give them a bit of a hard time won't let them take my shoes and socks off gotta jump all over it but once you've gone she goes to bed sleeps underneath the plates on my wheelchair and when the TV turns off she goes around to her bed very lovely natured I have taught her to sit she doesn't really know what no means but she's getting there she gets up in the morning before I get out of bed go it goes outside very well house trained goes outside does he business plays around for a little bit and then comes back to bed until the carers coming to get me out of bed and showered getting dressed is hard we have to look around the room because she jumps all over and try some pants the socks all the shoes she's made my shoelaces 6 foot longer than they should be but that's a puppy she doesn't like to leave my side sleeps under the plates on the wheelchair during the day she hears the click and will move out of the way.

All is going well thank you very much I will speak to you soon.

Erwin - South Australia

Another month has gone and Opal has really grown, become more energetic, fast and stronger as well as smarter. She still tends to nip and jump especially when excited. We are about to take her for a walk to the beach which she loves.

Still feeding her the cobber puppy dry food, mince and bones for chewing.

Our daughter really likes her, and is always offering to dog sit for us. She still has a 15yr old male red heeler.

Anne & Doug - South Australia

Jazz is progressing well and there are no issues to report. She started her Formal education last night for 4 weeks.

Since my last report she now comes to her name when called, sits and shakes hands on command.

We are very happy with her progress.

Ken and Tracy - Victoria

We bought Mallee from you at Christmas time. She is beautiful, loving, playful and placid. Mallee is everything we could ask for in a dog

Thank you so much for breeding such a beautiful creature

Suzanne, Scott, Ella, Brooke and Bradley - South Australia

Have started Meg at puppy preschool, she is learning quickly and eager to please. Meg and her big sister love to chase each other, Meg is very fearless. She loves the kids, as with the training she needs to learn boundaries with them.

She is a lovely natured girl.

Esther - Queensland

Thanks Alex for all the effort that was put into my recent acquisition of Yakka.

He has settled in really well, & seems to be a lovely addition to our family.

Marie - South Australia

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