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Mission Statement

When breeding dogs, as independent specialist breeders of both kelpies and heelers, predictability is very important to us.

Our mission at CYPA includes the need for us to be aware of avoiding the risks and the pitfalls of each of the following :-

  • Intensive In-breeding or Intensive Line-breeding.
  • Breeding from dogs of unknown backgrounds.

Three areas of concern below,

  • Health
  • Appearance
  • Performance

will each be equally important and will be equally relevant to us at CYPA as important quality control matters.


Under our veterinarian's advice, to follow adequate health & caring procedures.

  • re breeding dogs & raising pups.
  • re awareness of dog health problems.


With selection of breeding dogs : To have knowledge of the typical breed standards, as promoted in 1800's, 1900's & into the 2000's.

To breed from dogs of appearance & soundness, fitting these various historically promoted standards.

To select dogs to breed from which have typical & sensible practical general shape, build & size, and are of recognized breed colouring & markings.


To breed from dogs with suitable natural instincts & temperament right for their breeds, to enable them to succeed in their purposes :-

  • as dogs suitable for companionship
  • as dogs suitable for security
  • as dogs suitable for the all-round working of livestock.

Alex Donald

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