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Kelpie Testimonials

Holly is now over 5 months old and doing really well. She was desexed last week and has spent the days since hoping for some rough and tumble with the dogs in the park! She is walking well on the lead but it is not anywhere near as interesting as running free with her mates. The hot weather has cramped her style a bit but with her stitches now out, we will be up for a free running time over the weekend!

She is well into grade two at training and is blitzing the agility components of the training. She can weave in and out of sticks, do jumps, run through the tunnel with enthusiasm and walk the plank. We have just had a doggy door fitted today and she has already worked that one out too! I try and take her for two walks a day, all being well and we have had quite a few walks on the beach, and up into the hills.

She has decided she likes to sit in the shallow end of the swimming pool and although she hasn’t deliberately gone in water over her depth, we have shown her where she can get out. You will be relieved to know that we keep the pool gate shut so she can’t get in the pool area when we are not there!

We get our meat loaf from the shop just around the corner from where we live. They have a range of training treats and we can definitely see the difference in response between mere kibble treats and a mixture of sausage, fritz and cheese, with beef or lamb.

Take care in this heat….

Susan and Jeff - South Australia

Lucy update as she nears her 2nd birthday

A better socialised dog you simply could not find. Incredible really when you consider I picked her up from you at 6 months old, months past what is generally considered the best time of a dogs life for socialisation. but that is what I wanted then : not a really baby-ish pup.

Let me just say what a perfect, beautiful little girl she is and tell you how much happiness and joy she brings me.

I simply could not have hoped for a calmer, more well adjusted dog. I can literally take her anywhere amongst any company and she is an absolute delight. Perfect off lead, perfect around kids, and perfect around other dogs.

She has pretty much become everyone's favourite dog at the local park where I take her : one girl there even making a photo of Lucy her mobile phone screen shot. I cannot recommend you and your dogs highly enough.

David - South Australia

Ellie is getting big , although she still lets our cat Paris boss her around. We’ve gone up two holes on her collar. We just had our first weekend away with her, at the beach, and she was really well behaved. She’s learning well. I can drop a bit of meat in front of her and say leave and she’ll leave it. She’s great with the kids, and loves to be near us.

Rebecca - South Australia

We've had Tessa for two months now and Liz and I are both enjoying her very much.
She is growing very well in body and mind.
Starting to come to command and looks for us if we get out of sight.
SOMETIMES her nose and tail takeover for her common sense.
She is still very affectionate and loving and of course beautiful which everyone keeps commenting on even old grizzled farmers.

She is eating very well and is still very keen to learn.
She loves our early morning walks and then an afternoon one which is more play and fun time.
She also loves to go to town and just lay around in the car and relax.
We are still visiting my Dad at his old folks home which he and the other residents enjoy very much.
Have to watch the little old ladies with their biscuits.

She is very affectionate and also very social which is pleasing as Liz and I are always very comfortable and confident walking her in public areas.
The other day we were walking and a retired farmer stopped us to chat at which we discovered he got a pup from you 30 years ago.

I'm well known around this area as the guy with the beautiful Kelpie pup.
She has worked her way into the caravan at night. We even bought her a coat for the really cold nights.

She discovered that opening and closing the Velcro was a fun game though very annoying when one is trying to sleep.

Mick and Liz - South Australia

Alex Donald

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