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Customized Delivery in Australia or World-Wide.

We make all the delivery arrangements :-

Air freighting: If this is to be the method of sending, as a freight cost saver we offer to lend the client a suitable pet pack (PP). The chosen petpack will be sized to comfortably accommodate the pup. To post back the empty loan pet pack may be done at any Australia Post Office : we will email you how to do that. Please let us know if you would like to own the petpack or hire it. An older pup would usually require a larger cage ( we may hire these from Dogtainers or Jet Pets or Animal Travel ).

We will do the 200 kms round trip from our Brinkley location to Adelaide Airport. We make all the arrangements, which we will discuss properly with you to ensure that every aspect is to your liking : and you will be clearly advised by email of these arrangements. These include insurance cover with PetPlan.

CYPA's Care Program Booklet and Starter Kit will travel with your puppy.

Sending a pup to all Australian capital city airports is very quick and very easy by Qantas (or by Virgin Australia ). This service is relatively affordable for a baby pup up to age 3 months. For an older pup that will be a little dearer, because a bigger volume & heavier travelling container is needed. The airways have a formula of charging based on what they call "cubics", a combination of weight & volume & distance.

Very occasionally a pup may travel as airways excess baggage at a cheaper rate, if accompanied by a passenger who is actually travelling on the very same aircraft. Delivery to the many minor or smaller regional airports anywhere in Australia, is quite easy. It may take a little longer than to the major or capital city airports.

This brings up the topic of rest breaks during air transit. In sending pups to Europe, pup cannot stop over in a rabies area. To USA past Los Angeles, to anywhere within North America, a lengthy rest break is mandatory. Even within Australia, there are differences from airport to airport in the rules .

Everything in travelling pups by air freight in Australia is done safely and comfortably. We may put a solid block of ice in a water container inside the pet pack, to provide constant access to safe drinking water as the ice melts.

Sometimes we may arrange for a friend or for an agent such as Jetpets (, to go to an airport, such Perth or Darwin, for instance, to take a pup out of the airport for a rest break and a clean up. This could be the case in sending a pup on to Gove, or on to Tennant Creek, or on to Fitzroy Crossing, or to a really remote indigenous community, where there may be a need for this kind of caring whilst pup is in transit.

Sometimes there is no easy air link past a certain airport. There are some "curly" places. We have not yet been beaten. Hence part of our motto "send anywhere". In some situations, as an alternative, we may instead arrange land transport to a remote area.

Outside Australia ? Yes ! We can arrange to send your pup to any country in the world. Where would you wish us to send your puppy?

As an extra service, delivery even to your door is possible, perhaps through Qantas Freight, by Pak Fresh, by Jet Pets, by Animal Travel or perhaps by Global Animal. Or by private helpers.

Do you have questions on aspects of transport ?

" Bred for brains and type ; send anywhere " : Our original 1941 motto continues.

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