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What You Get Free With Your Pup From CYPA

1. 1st C5 Immunization and a veterinary check given by our vet. Microchipping will also be done.

2. Petplan Instant Insurance Cover : Free for the first six weeks.

Click on to see more info on Pet Plan:   Pet Plan Insurance

  • The free instant insurance version will pay vet bills totaling to $3,000 during this period re illness or injury.
  • Also will cover loss due to straying, including a reward.
  • Also covers loss by theft or accidental death.
  • Petplan has three paid insurance plans.
  • If you wish, you may extend, at your own cost, to one of these.

3. Starter Kit : Free items include : Some dry Puppy food that your pup has been having. CaCo3 supplement for bones & teeth growth: enough for 3 months. Teething biscuits. And other items.

4. Care Program Booklet : Free. About 80 pages personalized to you with even a little humour -- Included is advice on diet, deworming, grooming, housing, training ideas, unique reports, and more.

5. Performance Guarantee : For the first six months . This is linked to your reports on your pup. This guarantee clearly demonstrates that our interest and concern is continual and is on-going.

6. Help-line 24/7/365 : Free. By phone and/or e-mail to promptly deal with any problems. Our help-line is on-going for the life-time of your dog. We also have links with specialist advisors.

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